As a therapist, I work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families in the South Bay LA area. I have various focuses and trainings, with a heart-centered passion for working with teen girls and adult men & women. I also facilitate various therapy groups for adolescents and young adults. Current groups include: Eating Disorder Recovery Group & Teen Girls Support Group.

Outside of my clinical role, I serve as an advocate and activist in the community, raising awareness about eating disorders, women's issues and mental health. I work with individuals looking to discover more meaning, vision, and direction in their lives. I also offer coaching services to parents or loved ones who are seeking support in how best to help someone struggling with an eating disorder or mental illness. 

I have various workshops and events in our community as well. See classes + events page for current happenings! 

I am devoted not only to direct work with my clients, but also to being an active participant and advocate for mental health and wellness in this community {p.s. i am a proud South Bay local and love all that our beautiful community has to offer}.

I am a contributing author and featured clinician on Recovery Warrior's ConnectED digital magazine, Angie Viet's Inspired Recovery blog, and have a profile on Psychology Today.

I currently serve as President to the South Bay Eating Disorder Coalition (SBEDC) Board of Directors.

My Master’s Degree is in Psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Bachelor's is in Psychology. I have over five years of experience working in the mental health and counseling field.

Associations/MembershipsCAMFT; IAEDP; AED; APA, SBEDC.