I use an integrative and individually tailored approach in my practice with all clients. My academic background and experience in the field thus far has been very Family Systems and Attachment oriented, meaning that I typically look at each individual in a holistic context, having been significantly influenced and shaped by family history, past experiences, and relationships. I do not typically emphasize a traditional approach of history being the focal point of therapy; I believe that the present and future are equally as important.

Naturally in this field of work, relationships are an integral component, however, I strongly believe that your intra-personal relationship with yourself is one of the most important starting points, as it directly affects self-esteem, self-image, attachment style, inter-personal relationships, and overall emotional and mental health.  

As mentioned, I am not strictly committed to a specific approach or agenda with any client. As each person has unique perspectives, life experiences, priorities, and needs, I view therapy as a collaborative process, working together to determine specific treatment goals.

Some additional approaches I use in my practice include:

Arts/Writing/Creative Processing 

EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy)




Meditation, Mindful Movement, Yoga